Toki Castro-ToverHi there, I’m Toki. Veteran. Mechanic. Mom.

What sets me apart from all the other mommy blogs out there?

Read the P.S. below to find out 🙂

For now, here is a little about myself…

Mom: You may have noticed that I am not a doctor or a certified nutritionist, I am a mom. Same thing, right?

I have 2 beautiful and sassy little girls. My first is 19 months as of November 15, 2015 and my second is 6 months as of December 1, 2015.

You can read one of their stories here.

Researcher: I am a born researcher, gatherer, organizer and have a overwhelming need to teach everyone everything I know.

I am always questioning everything and yes, I am that person who talks during movies (like everyone knows whats going on and has all the answers).

Why Begin This Blog? 

I was struck with reality when I first became pregnant and my daughters were born. I wanted nothing less than the best and healthiest whole foods to nourish their bodies and my own.

It became a fascination and obsession.

Well, mainly because my girls would graduate high school and I would be closing in on age 60!

Health History…

My partner and I were junk food fiends before we got married (I am now a military wife). Dinner was normally comprised of a greasy cardboard box or takeout, and we were fine with that.

But years of eating MSG, genetically modified foods, and hormone “enhanced” meat took its toll.

We were getting older, became a bit overweight and most importantly, we were unhealthy.

When the thought of children came into play, we really had to come together and reassess our lifestyle and how we ate.

Thats when The Model Health Show and Nourishing Traditions came into play.

Nutrition and happiness became our new path.

The best part has been figuring out how to care for and nourish my healthy, energetic children and ourselves… then write about it here.

I’d love for you to share the path with us!

What I usually tell people, “Late bloomer, I suppose, but life happens!

7 months pregnant

“I started a family at age 37. By the time I was 39, I had 2 beautiful girls, a messy house, no money and a blog where I unloaded all my ‘mom, MD’ information to.” – Toki

P.S. I can fix cars too!

This is the p.s. I mentioned in the beginning 🙂

When I was 7 months pregnant, I got down on all fours and changed all 4 corners of the brakes on my partners car! I wish I got pics!

Also in my late 20’s I was a mechanic for a company call Les Schwab out on California. Best 3 years of my life.

How many mommies out there do you know that can remove and replace an alternator in less than an hour?


Toki Changing Water Pump

This was me changing a water pump… notice my foot holding a crow bar while I tried to unbolt the pulley!

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